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Name's Dacii and I love Jensen & Misha the most (◡‿◡✿)

Aww Misha

and then there’s Jensen.

Aww Jensen

and then there’s Misha.

Hello! Do you know anything about Jensen and Misha that can show their masculinity or femininity? I'm just being curious. If you don't wanna answer it, just ignore it~~thx lot ;))

I’m not sure I understand you?


The season’s finished, the wrap party was last night. Jensen’s packing up ready to go home, folding t-shirts and putting them tidily and precisely into the top left corner of his case (yes, he’s a neat-clothes freak - so, sue him), when his phone starts buzzing in his pocket closely followed by the muted ring tone of the Cowboy Junkies performing ‘Angel Mine’. He pulls the phone out, one handed, swiping to answer it without looking at the screen, and mentally reminds himself that he’s got to change that ring tone before convention season starts - there’s not a single subtle thing about it.

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it’s not glee, anon, if you think that

Jensen hates tickles, but it's hard to find the key point where he loses control. And obviously Misha finds it, he tickles him until the other ends up with crying. At the end, Jensen makes Misha promise to not ever do that on set, he has to keep his reputation of being the one that doesn't screw scenes thanks to Jared's "make everybody laugh" mission. Misha doubts that Jared would want to tickle Jen kissing him right behind his left ear. But it's Jared, so he won't push their luck.

oh no :’))))))))


I’m 7 minutes into the new episodes and I’m screaming about how awesome it is.

I ship it platonically and I get annoyed when people tell me they aren’t friends. I Ship destiel au but not in the show…

I don’t really know yet how I ship Sastiel. I think I ship them romantically - or rather I’d like to see them romantically together, supporting each other, but without sex, I can’t imagine them having sex, and I don’t read Sastiel (maybe I should try though), and I read Destiel AU (don’t really ship).

Orphan Black is the bestest fucking tv-show out there

I gotta say that I ship Sastiel just a lil bit.



Jensen finds a plastic Easter egg in his trailer has a gummi bunny and the instructions ‘out the door, straight 20 paces, turn left’, so, being the good sport he is, he pops the bunny in his mouth and follows the instructions.  The second plastic egg has another bunny and the instructions ‘10 paces, turn right, five more paces’; with a grin, he eats the second bunny and follows the directions given.

Seven plastic eggs, seven more gummi bunnies, and a hundred and four paces later, Jensen turns the corner to find Misha leaned against the back of an outbuilding, holding out another bunny between his thumb and forefinger.  In his other hand is a bag with more of the same.

"Looks like you found the hidden treasure," Misha says with a laugh, wriggling the bunny by its ears so that it dances enticingly.  After a thoughtful pause, he adds: "I’ll sell them to you at the low, low rate of only one kiss per bunny."

"You drive a hard bargain, but I guess you’ve got yourself a deal.” Jensen answers with a teasing smile before he leans forward, pressing a sugary kiss to Misha’s lips to earn his first piece of treasure.

I was curious, but of course I don't want to ask M/J, and definitely don't want to see J making fun of M -_-

I don’t know them, and even if I did, I probably still wouldn’t know what their favourite sex position is. :)))


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